I am so excited to be partnering with Chloe Wine Collection again this holiday season to share how to be the hostess with the mostest! The holidays bring everyone together, which is an absolute blessing, but can make it hard to decide party details. One simple way to let your guests know you care about their preferences is to offer a range of options. My favorite way to do this is to pick up a few different varietals of wine and display them on a bar cart so that guests can grab what they please. Options mean everyone is happy and takes the guess work out of it!

I have been a fan of Chloe Wine Collection for years and it is always my go-to for festivities. The wines are developed by an acclaimed Winemaker named Georgetta Dane and they offer a vast variety of wines, which means there’s something for everyone’s palate. Chloe Wine is a timeless and sophisticated option that I always recommend, and I specifically recommend the Prosecco, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio when hosting for a variety of preferences. 

I absolutely love the Chloe Wine Prosecco. The bottle is pretty all on its’ own, so it makes great gifts as well! Just add a big bow and you’ve already made a great impression with a classic and fun gift! It is rich, yet balanced with a crisp finish and is perfect for early afternoon brunches and well as celebratory evening festivities. To make even more of an impression you can create custom labels for party or as a gift with their Custom Label Program.  The best part? This service is free!! 

I am becoming so much more appreciative of a full-bodied wine with structure and depth. The Chloe Wine Cabernet Sauvignon is Patrick’s favorite and has struck a note in my heart as well. It has robust tannins from being aged in French and American Oak for 14 months and takes this specific Cab to the next level. It is bold with velvety flavors of dark cherry, plum and dark chocolate, with notes of roasted coffee and cinnamon bark.

Chloe Collection Pinot Grigio is a sophisticated choice for wine enthusiasts who appreciate all things elegant and timeless. With notes of crisp apple, it is especially wonderful to accompany dinner and pairs well with light seafood and caprese toast.

Providing a reasonable amount of options for your guests is a small but meaningful gesture to show you care to see them comfortable in your space. With a bottle of Chloe Wine Prosecco, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio on hand, you are well on your way to being a memorable hostess this holiday season. Cheers!


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