This month we have been really lucky to get incredible weather in San Francisco. The weather can be all over the board here, so when we have exceptionally nice days we make sure to spend it outdoors! A couple of weeks ago we planned a picnic at Golden Gate Park right next to Stow Lake, which is something I’ve had on my SF Bucket List since we moved here a little over 2 years ago. The park itself is one of the most beautiful in the world with Rose Gardens, a Japanese Tea Garden and trails stretching for miles and miles. I love that a picnic can get my girlfriends and I to a different part of the city, and it is so much fun to catch up while drinking our favorite Chloe Wine Collection Rosé till the warm, golden light fades below the horizon.

The Chloe Wine Collection Rosé is always my go-to in the Spring and Summer months for daytime entertaining. This dry Rosé is ballet slipper pink in color, refreshing on a warm day and adds a touch of class with its soft notes of fresh strawberries, raspberries and watermelon. Since being introduced to Chloe Wine Collection, my wine cabinet is slowly being taken over by their portfolio of wonderful and sophisticated wines. I always pick up a few bottles for entertaining and events because they are so reasonably priced, have the most timeless style and are always a crowd pleaser. You can even make free customized labels for events like birthdays and bridal showers on their website!

Now that I have this cute new picnic basket, I can see many more of these days in our future. Is a Rosé picnic on your Summer 2018 bucket list?!

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Photos by Sarah Ching Photography