I’m becoming quite the wine aficionado and I have a feeling Patrick’s family of wine enthusiasts are proud of my transformation over the years. In all seriousness – as you try more and more wine, it becomes obvious what your palette is drawn to and it becomes easier to decipher a really great wine from a lower quality one. I used to only drink white wines; however in the last year this has vastly changed. I am becoming so much more appreciative of a full-bodied wine with structure and depth. The Chloe Cabernet Sauvignon is one that I didn’t expect to love as much as I do. It has robust tannins from being aged in French and American Oak for 14 months, which is typically a trait I don’t particularily love, but it takes this specific Cab to the next level. It is bold with velvety flavors of dark cherry, plum and dark chocolate, with notes of roasted coffee and cinnamon bark. I’ve mentioned this before, but I also love Chloe Wine Collection so much because it is developed by a woman. You can tell by the elegant bottle and the portfolio of super premium wines that so much thought and precision goes into every single varietal. Acclaimed Winemaker Georgetta Dane offers an elegant and alluring wine experience with Chloe Wine Collection, which is created for sophisticated wine enthusiasts who appreciate all things extraordinary and timeless. There isn’t a person I have shared the Chloe Cabernet Sauvignon with that didn’t absolutely love it! It is so good that you may just ditch your dinner reservations and opt for a relaxing night in with Chloe Wine Collection.

3 Reasons to Ditch Your Typical Date Night and Stay in with Chloe Wine Collection

  1. It saves money. This is an obvious reason but can make such a difference in the long run! Just a couple glasses of wine at dinner will cost you as much as an entire bottle in some cases. You work so hard and deserve a relaxing night in with a great glass or two of wine, without paying a fortune for it.
  2. You can do whatever you want . Patrick and I planned to go out to a nice dinner after my photoshoot last Friday. If you have been to San Francisco on a weekend you probably know the waitlist for a nice dinner can be hours and sometimes is more of a hassle than what it is worth. So, we both looked at each other after a long, stressful week and said lets skip the wait and have a date night in instead! It doesn’t even have to be anything super fancy. A cheese plate, deserts and nice wine will do the trick and it will allow you to create precious, meaningful memories in your home. Take your appetizers and wine out on the rooftop if you have a flat one, out on the deck with candles or lay a blanket out in the yard to make it a little more special.
  3. There is no need to get dressed up unless you want to! After dinner and drinks at home you can get into something comfier and pamper yourself. I love to draw a bath with bubbles, light candles, put on a face mask and drink a glass of Chloe Wine to unwind from a busy week. This doesn’t happen every weekend, but I cherish when it does!!

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Photos by Meg Russell