Z Gallerie is major goals. When Patrick and I first moved in together in Denver we had a Z Gallerie down our street, and now we have one that is only a couple blocks away in San Francisco. Let’s just say an addiction is hard to stop when it is within walking distance, and our home is quickly becoming a Z Gallerie showroom (which I’m definitely not mad about).

There is no store with a more direct reflection of our style, and our apartment clearly reflects that.  It has been a space where we sit and talk with friends and family for hours and each piece has made our quaint little San Francisco apartment feel like a home. Every room is majorly inspired by the setups in the Z Gallerie stores and catalogs. Whenever we have guests over they always rave about how our place is decorated. It is really important to Patrick and I that our space is a direct reflection of us; we want our home to be inviting, yet inspiring. I love that each piece is a conversation starter and adds instant glamour and maturity to every little nook. Each season I like to swap out and add a few new pieces to bring life back to my space, and have been looking at their site for hours (literally hours – I have an addiction!). Their Fall Catalog deserves all the heart eyes.


I follow a few home decor blogs and instagram accounts, but always find it hard to recreate a look because the items aren’t always linked or are from so many different stores and price points. Z Gallerie created the Z List which has been a lifesaver because it features a list of the top items from each season, curated by the top home and fashion tastemakers from all over the country. The influencers talk about why they love the pieces and what they add to a space. They also show how they incorporate the items into their own home, so you can see what the items look like in a lived-in space. I have found it extremely helpful because I genuinely value their opinion, and it gives me the extra verification I need before I add a piece to our home.

Gold is a major trend this Fall, and the one that I am most excited about! It adds brightness and luxury to any space, and Z Gallerie offers so many ways to incorporate this Fall Trend into a home. Below are some of my favorite gold decor and furnishings for Fall.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Z Gallerie announced their Fall Trend Report and it is giving me major inspo. I have been wanting to redecorate my office space since I moved here a year ago and it is about time I bit the bullet and got to it! Below are some of the items I’m looking at from the Fall Trends to update my office space!






Axel Fur Accent Chair | Geo Votive | Vista Vase | Timber Leaner Mirror | Mia Box

What are your favorite home decor trends for this Fall? Would you be interested in a mini home tour once our space is revamped with new Fall items?

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.10.08 PM

Thank you Z Gallerie for sponsoring this post.