We are approaching wedding season and will begin to ask ourselves the age old question: what do I wear?! For some people, nothing quite poses such a difficult question. But I am here to drop some wisdom on you after finding a service that makes life SO much easier … for you and your man!

So, you were invited to a wedding [or event]. Now what? You and your man have saved the date but there is a moment of panic because, let’s be honest, the thought of such a formal setting can be intimidating. Let’s start with the basics.

Wedding or Event Attire

Ladies: If it is Black-Tie, this is a night for you to dress to the nines! Embrace it and have fun with it! Wear a long formal gown or an upscale cocktail dress. Don’t be afraid to bring out your fancy jewelry and wear heels!! If the invite says to dress “formal”, still opt for a long gown or cocktail dress, but it does not need to be quite as fancy.

Gentlemen: Is there anything better than seeing your man in classic Black-Tie attire? He should wear a tuxedo or suit jacket, matching trousers, bow tie or tie, and black leather shoes or laced oxfords to a Black-Tie or Formal Wedding/Event.

Rentals are KEY!

Spending a fortune on something that you are only going to wear once will put a HUGE pit in your stomach. I have utilized rental sites for fancy dresses and thought there had to be an equally helpful service for the men in our lives! Insert: The Black Tux. The Black Tux is a tuxedo rental company for the most dapper men in our lives! It is the ultimate tux rental service that offers modern tuxes + suits, accessories, and even shoes to complete the look. All in one convenient place – ordered online, and delivered for free.

The Black Tux

The Black Tux offers complete outfits to choose from, as well as suits, tuxedos, shirts and pants in a variety of materials and shades. Just answer a few simple questions regarding the event date and his specific measurements, and they will take care of the rest! I jump on the site and do it for him because I need to make sure it compliments my outfit! Priorities, right?! You receive the items 14 days before the event, with free replacement sizes if anything doesn’t fit perfectly! They even provide you with the return label and a box to send everything back following the event! So efficient, right?

Shop Patrick’s Look via The Black Tux

Blue Suit 

Cotton Dress Shirt

Burgundy Silk Necktie

Silver Plaque Cufflinks

Patrick and I consider The Black Tux to be our secret weapon for events of all types. So, a huge thank you goes out to The Black Tux for Sponsoring this post!

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Photos by Meg Russell