Happy Tuesday, Ladies! Also – Happy International Women’s Day!

“Here’s to Strong Women,

may we know them, 

may we be them.”

Feeling all sorts of GIRLBOSS today. I’ve been checking off to-do’s and am having one of my most productive weeks in awhile (might have something to do with the rain and having to be inside.. either way i’ll take it)! I love that there is a day for us ladies to recognize how incredible we are. There is nothing greater than a women full of ambitions and i’m lucky to be surrounded by inspirational and powerful women on the daily. HELLO – who run the world?

I’m wearing my “My Intent” bracelet in this post. It is so incredibly fitting for this day. I chose to have the word “Balance” on My Intent bracelet to remind me to stay balanced in my daily life. I truly believe that balance is the key to my happiness. I like to be healthy but I allow myself to indulge. I like to get extra glammed-up, but also like to throw my hair up and go makeup-free from time to time. I ‘m a workaholic, but understand the importance of disconnecting.

Balance. It is the key my friends, i’m telling you!

I love this sultry black lace dress that I recently got from Pink Lily Boutique. There is something so effortlessly sexy and girly about it that makes it appropriate for day and night!

Have a lovely week, lovely ladies!

Dress: Pink Lily Boutique | Bracelet: My Intent










Photos by Claire