I am a bit obsessive when it comes to taking care of my skin. Having healthy, glowing skin is very important to me and for what I do for a living. I had heard great reviews about the Skinfix Healthy Skin Face Collection that is infused with rich emollient oils, proteins, peptides and natural extracts that encourage glowing, healthy and beautiful skin. I recently added the collection to my skincare routine because it doesn’t strip the skin of its moisture and it uses natural ingredients. I have been loving it and the way it makes my skin look & feel! I have dry skin, and this line helps to keep it moisturized, glowing and vibrant.



Foaming Oil Cleanser


The Skinfix Foaming Oil Cleanser washes away dirt and makeup with natural coconut based cleansers without stripping the skin’s essential moisture. Most cleansers leave my skin feeling dry and and rough but I’ve been loving that this Foaming Oil Cleanser leaves my skin hydrated and incredibly soft. I have found that it is the perfect cleanser to remove my makeup and it effectively cleans my skin without compromising its delicate barrier. It also smells like a luxurious spa – thanks to the Cucumber Extract – AMAZING!

I chose this Skincare Collection because it only uses ingredients I trust. The Foaming Oil Cleanser contains Panthenol, which binds water to the skin and helps to maintain the cells that create collagen. It also contains Jojoba Oil, which is lightweight, yet deeply hydrating oil that is packed with nutrients like Vitamin E, B-complex, copper and zinc. Other ingredients include Red Seaweed extract (creates a plump appearance + a dewy complexion), Aloe Leaf Extract (helps repair collagen + elastin), Macadamia Oil (deeply nourishes without looking greasy) and Cucumber Extract, which soothes and calms the skin and is the reason the cleanser smells so amazing!

Moisture Boost Serum


This is definitely my favorite product in the collection. The Moisture Boost Serum enhances skin radiance, reduces pigmentation, repairs collagen and enhances the skin’s elasticity. It is important to maintain healthy skin, but it is also VERY important to take steps to repair any damage that has already been done to the skin. I love that the serum helps to reduce pigmentation and repairs collagen – both vital to achieving healthy skin that feels plump and refreshed.

The serum contains a lot of the same ingredients as the cleanser, including Jojoba Oil, Aloe Leaf Extract, Red Seaweed Extract, Macadamia Oil and Cucumber Extract. It also contains Rice Protein which stimulates cell renewal and delivers nutrition to deeper layers of the skin – to nourish, smooth and improve the complexion. Peony Extract is added as well to improve radiance and reduce pigmentation. I’ve been using this every single day – twice a day and LOVE what it has been doing for my skin!

Hydrating Lotion


The Skinfix Healthy Skin Face Collection comes with two face lotions. The Hydrating Lotion is my every day lotion. It is very lightweight, yet deeply hydrating, and is the perfect base before applying makeup. It leaves the skin so incredibly soft, perfectly dewy and radiant. I apply it to my face and neck immediately after the Moisture Boost Serum.

The Hydrating Lotion contains Rice Protein, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Leaf Extract, Red Seaweed Extract, Macadamia Oil and Cucumber Extract. It also contains Squalene – a nutrient rich lipid derived from olive oil that mimic’s skins own lipids to reinforce the delicate skin barrier. I LOVE that Skinfix uses all natural ingredients that I can trust with my delicate skin.

Nourishing Cream


The Nourishing Cream is my saving grace when my skin is feeling dry and dull. I use the Cream 2-3 times a week when I don’t plan to wear makeup for at least a couple hours. It is the ultimate quencher for skin! It boosts moisture, elasticity and delivers essential nutrition to deeper levels of the skin while making it feel incredibly soft and radiant. I apply the Nourishing Cream after the Moisture Boost Serum in place of the Hydrating Lotion.

The Nourishing Cream contains Rice Protein, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Leaf Extract, Red Seaweed Extract, Macadamia Oil and Cucumber Extract. It also contains Japanese Lily Root Extract, which tightens the junctions between skin cells to reduce water loss and increase long term moisturization.

Brightening Eye Cream


This Brightening Eye Cream is a miracle worker! It is formulated with Healthy Skin Lipid Complex (Panthenol) to encourage glowing, plump, skin. It contains Alfalfa Seed Extract to help reduce puffiness (goodbye tired eyes!) and dark under eye shadows. This Eye Cream is amazing – especially if you are like me and can never seem to get enough sleep. Since I started using it the skin under my eyes appear brighter, firmer and healthier! I apply a small amount to my under-eye daily and it has really helped reduce the darkness and puffiness under my eyes! The best feeling in the world is not having to constantly wear concealer to hide my dark circles. I can go out bare face and be completely confident with the evenness of my complexion thanks to this Skincare Line!

The Brightening Eye Cream contains Red Seaweed Extract and Macadamia Oil. It also contains Alfalfa Seed Extract which is the ingredient that helps to diminish puffiness and dark shadows under the eye for increased firmness and brightening.



The Skinfix Healthy Skin Face Collection is Dermatologist Recommended, Allergy Tested, pH Balanced, Gentle & Non-Irritating. It contains no Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Silicones, Gluten, Dairy, Synthetic fragrances or Dyes. The first step to healthy skin is a healthy skin barrier. Each formula in the Healthy Skin Face Collection is infused with the Healthy Skin Lipid Complex, which is proven to replenish skin lipids, and also contains oils, proteins, peptides and natural extracts that promote healthy, hydrated and beautiful skin. Skinfix is founded from a powerful, natural healing balm, with over a century of proven efficacy, Skinfix has a rich history of keeping skin looking and feeling its best. It is clinically proven to improve the health of the skin barrier and I have been loving the results! I have seen significant improvements since I started using the Collection in March and can’t wait to see more benefits as I continue to use it over the next few months.


Thanks to Skinfix (@skinfixinc) for sponsoring this post.

Photos by Zachariah Epperson