Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I’ve never been particularly into Valentine’s Day because I believe that the same love should be brought into each and every day. However, for some reason my thoughts changed a bit this year. I thought about how i’ve been lucky enough to spend the last 7 Valentine’s Days with the love of my life and thought about all the memories it has created for us. I thought about all of the little Valentine’s Day gifts my parents still give me each year and the joy even just a thoughtful card on this day means. Love is the root of all things. It allows you to take risks without fear of failure and creates a burning desire to better yourself for your loved ones. But Valentine’s by no means means you need to have a significant other to share it with. There are all kinds of love in this world and I love that this day reminds us celebrate and cherish that love. Whether it is your husband, partner, parents, best friend – Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love. I just love, love!

It is also a well-known fact that my love for Rachel Allan gowns runs deep. I first laid my eyes on this immaculate¬†red gown 2 months ago and knew it would be the perfect dress for Valentine’s Day. There are few things I love more than elaborate gowns, so being able to work with Rachel Allan for this Valentine’s Day look was an absolute dream!

Dress: Rachel Allan

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Photos by Andrea Lowry Photography