Emma created this beautiful hairstyle on me a few weeks ago – I am obsessed! I would say it is inspired by Kendall Jenner’s recent look at the MTV Movie Awards, but we came up with it weeks before her appearance. We were first – take that, Kendall! Haha! All jokes aside, this is such a killer style and would be awesome for Coachella or any event. Essentially you just create as many mini ponytails as you want with elastics and wrap a 1 inch section of hair around each elastic. Then pull at the hair in-between the elastics to create a bubble effect. We went for more of a dramatic look with 3 bubbles, but you could do less and it would still look amaze. Can you even take me seriously when I call them bubbles? Hope you like!!


ponytail 3

ponytail 1

Photos by Zachariah Epperson