2016 is perhaps the first time I started to think about altering my skincare routine. I was getting tired of expecting a breakout to come as soon as my skin finally cleared up. I have very dry skin, and the products I was using to control my breakouts and to cleanse my face only seemed to make my skin dry out. (You mean all the ultra-drying face masks I was using were actually hurting my skin? Shocker!) I was recommended a “gentle cleanser” that wouldn’t strip my skin of its natural oils. My skin was definitely becoming more balanced with this simple concept when something finally clicked in my head.

I have been a health nut for as long as I can remember. I grew up with a very active lifestyle, and slowly learned more and more about nutrition. I was very aware of how I felt after eating certain foods and gained a lot of invaluable knowledge when I met with a nutritionist while I was in high school. The nutritionist gave a few of my soccer teammates and I a meal plan to follow that would enhance our athletic performance and start prepping us to play Division 1 soccer in college. When I switched my eating habits, started feeding myself essential nutrients and eliminated nasty preservatives from my food intake, not only did I see a massive change in my body, but I also felt a huge shift in my mood and overall well-being. Wonder how this is related to skin?

It didn’t click until this year when I started experimenting with natural skincare products. My thought process is, I care SO much about what I eat because of how it makes me feel. Perhaps I should care just as much about the products I am putting on my body.

Studies show that we can absorb up to 80% of the things we put on our bodies. The toxic chemicals found in some mainstream beauty products go strait into our bloodstream. Including toxins linked to cancer and other terrible health risks. This concept is very out of site, out of mind. But after reading article after article about the health benefits of switching to a more “green” beauty regimen, I felt obligated to give it a real try.

I was hesitant to use “natural products” because I automatically thought they wouldn’t be enough to alter my skin. But that is the problem, I was essentially trying to change my skin type by layering on chemical-filled “miracle workers” instead of simply enhancing my skins natural radiance.

I was becoming happier with my skin, but traveling and stress would still set it off. I also wasn’t loving the way my makeup would apply because I needed MOISTURE and something to start evening out my skin tone from the breakouts.

I was introduced to the owner of a company called Joy Provisions, an online store that only sells products that are natural, safe, and made with the upmost integrity. I told her about my skin and asked for suggestions on what to do to get my skin feeling its’ best. She almost immediately recommended the Kypris Line once I started rattling off my skincare needs. She described it as a line that brought nature and science together. She assured me that with consistent and longterm use, my skin would be more smooth, radiant, balanced, and even. I decided to give it a try and am SO thankful I did. She recommended the following products and routine for my skin using the Kypris Line:

  • AM: Cleanse with the Cleanser Concentrate. Then use 4-5 drops of the Antioxidant Dew with 2-3 drops of the Beauty Elixir. You can adjust the amount of Beauty Elixir if want more or less moisture. Mix together in the palm of your hand and apply like you would a normal moisturizer.
**Depending on how acne prone you are, you can add 2-3 drops of the Clearing Serum to your morning and/or night routine. Or you can use it as needed when you’re having a breakout or even as a spot treatment. I do want to mention that you shouldn’t use any other acne treatments when you’re using the Moonlight Catalyst or Clearing Serum. Conventional acne treatments can be very aggressive so while these products are very gentle they’re also very active and can cause irritation if you combine it with other stuff.

I started this routine in early August and have tried to stick to it every single day since I got it. I think the truth is spelled out right on my face. I am constantly being asked what I do to make my makeup look so flawless and it has everything to do with the base. I rarely get breakouts and my skin is appropriately moisturized and has a much more even tone. I’ll chat more about the individual products I use below.


Beauty Elixir I: 1000 Roses: ULTRA MOISTURIZING! Each bottle contains the essential oil of over 1,000 biodynamic Bulgarian Roses. Rose essential oil has the unique ability to tone and hydrate and leaves skin feeling petal soft. This one has been a total game-changer for makeup application. Let the oil soak in for at least 5 minutes before applying foundation for a dewy glow!

Antioxidant DewAgain… hydration, hydration, hydration. This product provides lightweight, antioxidant-rich, calming hydration. It calms redness and inflammation, fights free radicals, and restores vitality to dull complexions.


Clearing Serum: AKA my little miracle worker. This serum helps to balance blemished skin and minimizes congestion. It contains Zinc, fruit derived AHA, Green Tea, Lavender, and Chaparral to fight and heal blemishes. All the good stuff.


Inflorescence: Body Elixir: …because you can’t only focus on the face and neglect the rest of your skin. This is a non-greasy body oil that contains firming (yes please!) sweet iris stem cell, co-op grown Moringa, wild-crafted Prickly Pear, Sunflower, Tamanu, and Mafura oils. AKA healing and natural ingredients. I put this on right after I shower for moisture and for a radiant glow.


Moonlight Catalyst:  I have this one to thank for the balancing of my skin tone. It is a herbal formula that encourages turnover of the outer layer, keeps pores clear, and encourages cell turnover. Make sure to only use this one at nighttime.


Cleanser ConcentrateThis one is a major staple. It is a non-foaming gentle cleanser that removes sweat, pollution, dust, congestion and other surface impurities. It contains super soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients like Moringa, Prickly Pear and probiotics and is intended to be used as a second cleanse in the evening after you remove your makeup. I love this cleanser because it doesn’t strip the skin. It is tough enough to clean your skin but not so aggressive that your skin is left dry and tight (major key!!). Use morning and night.
*** Also you get a Free Cleanser Concentrate if you spend $225 or more on the Kypris line from Joy Provisions!!
I have found that this line works really well for me. My makeup goes on more flawless, and I am equally happy with my bare face. Each morning and night I feel like I am treating myself to a spa day and my skin to the nutrients it SO deserves. It has helped me to have a routine, and not continually introduce different products.
The owner of Joy Provisions said something that really stuck with me and I hope it sticks with you as well.
“A lot of people are becoming more and more health conscious and watching the foods they eat so it made sense to me that it would extend to the products I used on my skin. But like with food, I’m not an all-or-nothing girl. It’s just too hard to eat clean and organic 100% of the time and some products I love too much to give up. I definitely go by the 80-20 rule in this area. All the scary toxins stuff aside, I’ve discovered so many amazing brands that make incredibly clean products without sacrificing performance or luxury, making it a no-brainer for me to use more natural products.”
I hope you guys found this post informative. Once again, this routine has worked perfectly for me and for my skin. The Kypris Line has products that tend to all different skincare needs, so these particular Kypris products may not be the exact ones for you. I do, however, encourage you to give this line a shot. And feel free to ask me any questions or suggestions, and I will help you the best I can! I have a feeling your present and future skin will thank you for it.