Let’s be honest here, I have a little obsession with jewelry and my new life motto might actually be: lab-grown diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Lab-grown diamonds share the same physical, optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds, but are a much more affordable option for the lighter moments in life. Lightbox believes in transparent pricing, and at just $800 per carat, they are perfect for the joyful moments in everyday life.

I love that I don’t have to wait for a special occasion to wear Lightbox Jewelry, but instead I get to wear lab-grown diamonds for the less significant moments in the day-to-day. I got the bright pink Lightbox necklace and earrings to wear as a reminder to not take myself or life so seriously! I am sure many of you agree that with the rise of social media, and the huge role it plays in our lives, it’s hard to take time to just “shut off.” We are constantly moving from place-to-place, task-to-task, goal-to-goal. We have learned to glorify being busy, rather than taking the time to stop and enjoy the moment. Lightbox jewelry serves as an everyday reminder to myself to enjoy the lighter moments in life and more of them.

Last weekend Patrick and I went to Sonoma for the Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival. It was a sunny day that felt much more like Summer than Fall, so we stopped by the homemade ice cream shop right in the plaza! I got the Pinot Raspberry Chip Ice Cream and Patrick went with Chocolate as always. What kind of ice cream do you guys order?! Do you opt for fruity or are you more into chocolate?! I always go with fruity!! We didn’t have any specific plans for the day, so we really enjoyed the change of pace and walked around eating our ice cream as live music from the festival played in the background. Relaxing weekends are seriously my favorite! No specific plans, just quality time together enjoying each others company. I feel so fortunate to have traveled and had so many exciting opportunities over the last couple of months, but honestly nothing beats these “just because” days with my man.Let’s strive for the days that make us feel more connected, rather than just waiting for the next occasion.

Lightbox diamonds are laboratory-grown, come in soft shades of pink, blue and white and arebacked by over 30 years of research and development. Although the process needed to create them is different from nature they are just as stunning and (from experience) they pair very well with Raspberry Chip Ice Cream. Let me know in the comments which Lightbox diamond color you would choose and why!!

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Photos by Sarah Ching Photography