The Farmhouse Inn is quickly becoming my home away from home. My sanctuary. Where I go to feel calm and rejuvenated. You won’t truly understand the magnitude of its beauty until you see it and experience it for yourself.

The Farmhouse Inn is located in the heart of Sonoma, California. Nestled in the scenic rolling hills of wine country, just South of Healdsburg and a quick 30 minute drive to Napa Valley. It has all of the luxurious details of a 5 Star Resort, with the charming qualities of a bed and breakfast. It is the perfect getaway from San Francisco. The location is such a dream and even though you are close to major destinations, you feel so secluded! There are only 25 suites on-site, so it feels very intimate and remote. I have said it a million times and I will say it a million times more, but nothing in the world can beat wine country in the Fall. The rolling hills of vineyards turn vibrant yellow and deep red, the weather could not be more perfect and the air has the most relaxing aroma from harvest season.

With oversized fireplaces, light linen furnishings and feather beds, you will feel right at home the second you walk in. And don’t even get me started with the bathroom of my dreams that has heated white marble floors and a large steam shower. My love for baths is on an entirely new level at the Farmhouse. The large jacuzzi bath tub is equipped with a bath bar containing seasonal scrubs, salts, milk bath and handmade olive oil bar soaps. It is the ultimate oasis and always makes me feel brand new. Pro Tip: Take a bar of the Lavender Soap home with you 🙂

Don’t think I forgot to share details on THIS. DRESS. Dreamy right? I’m actually wearing it backwards because I preferred the added pearls to be on the back rather than the front. I’m weird, I know. Anyways, every single lady needs this gorgeous dress in their closet. It is like wearing a piece of art!!

Make sure to spoil yourself and book a massage at the Spa. The farm-to-table spa menu features Spring Forest Honey and heirloom cider apples from their own ranch, along with herbs grown in the Farmhouse Inn kitchen garden. For the Fall Season, the Spa is featuring an Apple, Pear, & Spice Scrub, Rub, & Shrub handcrafted treatment. Apples and Pears both possess anti-aging qualities. Pears have both a humectant and enzymatic exfoliation quality that help healthy cell turnover and skin hydration. Apples also contain B vitamins proven to combat skin irritation. The scrubs are edible and a fun treat to try!

As if the Farmhouse Inn wasn’t alluring enough, they also have a Michelin-starred Restaurant on-site. It really is the most magical little sanctuary in wine country that everyone needs to experience!! As much as I want to keep it all to myself, it is too good not to share with the world!

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Photos and Video by Hey Engel Photography