Recently I’ve been experimenting with some of my tops and have been trying to find ways to give them a different look. I have been obsessed with tying my over-sized tops to make them a little shorter and a lot more fitted. I love that it gives the top a completely different vibe/look! Sometimes I even wear items backwards to switch things up! For example, when the top is low-cut in the front, I switch it around to have a low back and high neck (like this Rebecca Minkoff dress)! Any one else have any little tricks like this?! Should I do a post on some of my clothing hacks?

Also – piggy tails for the win and so obsessed with my new, tropical, LOC hat.

Top: Modern Vintage Boutique | Jeans: Nordstrom | Watch: MVMT | Hat: Lack of Color | Earrings: Melinda Maria Jewelry

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.10.08 PMPhotos by Joe Charles