I personally love Monday’s. Monday’s are “my” days. My typical routine is that I wake up, clean up the apartment a bit from the weekend while coffee is brewing and then sit at my desk to make a do-to list for the day/week. It is the most essential time for me to get organized for the week ahead and start off on the right page.

My first priority is to catch up on emails. I try my best to answer everyone in less than 48-hours. I swear this is one things that everyone can work on and will help set you apart from the rest. It makes you easier to work with, more professional, the list goes on and on. Also – if you make sure to reply right away, nothing will be able to get skipped over or have a chance to slip through the cracks. It is one of the most important tips I can offer people. Be reliable!!

I’m going to be catching up on emails until I head to my antigravity yoga class at noon. If you haven’t tried it you have to!! It is yoga, stretching and a visit to the chiropractor all in one. Try it and thank me later.

Happy Monday!

Top: Do and Be | Leggings: Nordstrom | Purse: Hammitt | Hat: Giovannio | Watch: MVMT | Sunglasses: MVMT | Necklace: Melinda Maria | Bracelet: Melinda Maria

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.10.08 PMPhotos by Zachariah Epperson