I’ve been DYING to share this dress with you guys! I saw and fell in love with it a couple years ago when I saw a picture of GiGi Hadid modeling it for Guess. Of course when I went in to get it, it was sold out EVERY.WHERE. Then one lucky day I wandered in the store and asked if they had gotten any more in and sure enough they had one left and it was in my size! If I didn’t believe in fate, I do now. It is one of those dresses that comes around once in a lifetime. Okay I might be exaggerating and am making it sound like I am in a relationship with a dress, but I couldn’t be more in love with every tiny detail. It frames your body perfectly and the lines are SO flattering. The little line below the butt literally gives you a butt, it’s amazing. Hah!


 I thought that today was a perfect opportunity to share this look now that wedding season is in full swing. I love the idea of a bride wearing this dress for different bridal related events. An Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner.. this dress would be perfect! A friend actually borrowed it for her Bachelorette Party and couldn’t walk 2 feet without getting compliments on it (mostly because she’s insanely gorgeous, but that’s another story). Anyways, this dress needs to be in your closet. I wore it in Mexico right after I got it and toned it down with sandals and a sunhat, so it can totally be dressed down too!


I also have to give a MAJOR shout out to my friend and the amazing photographer behind these photos, Engel Ching. I am absolutely blown away by his talent. Check out his Instagram for the most insanely beautiful images of San Francisco from the sky, and view all of this prints available for purchase here.


Photos by HeyEngel Photography