Who else thinks perfume is the most empowering part of their beauty routine? That’s why I have been loving Skylar. Skylar uses clean, conscious ingredients to craft beautiful, innovative and hypoallergenic scents that I can feel confident wearing since it doesn’t have any of the harmful ingredients found in traditional perfumes. 

I love Skylar’s Scent Club because it gives me the opportunity to try a new, limited-edition scent each month. The travel-sized scent is delivered straight to my door and allows me to have a fresh and exciting new scent to compliment each new adventure.

This year has been full of new adventures. From traveling to Scotland, to attending my best friends gender reveal, to planning our wedding — I have been loving the variety of scents Skylar has to offer for each special moment.

June: Golden Glow

Radiant notes of amber, coconut and jasmine.

This is the sent I wore for my best friends wedding in Colorado last week! It is so alluring and is my favorite from the June-August Scent Club scents. I always have this in my purse and bring it along on my trips because it’s the perfect scent for any and all occasions.

July: Salt Air

Breezy notes of driftwood, sea salt and seaweed.

This scent is made for calm beach days with salty air and salty hair. I throw this in my beach bag with a magazine, beach towel & fruit and walk straight down to the beach! The scent is clean & fresh and perfect for days by the sea. I love layering this with Arrow for date night!

August: Love in Paradise

Fruity notes of sweet pineapple, island papaya and pikake flower.

This scent is coming with me on my next tropical vacation! The scent is fruity, but not overpowering, and leaves me feeling exotic & adventurous.

Going clean doesn’t have to mean limiting your options when it comes to perfumes. I truly love Skylar because it is a woman-owned business and the products are made right here in the USA. The Scent Club allows you to mix up your scent style with free shipping and you can skip, add, change or cancel anytime. Easy peasy! Visit their website to sign up for the Scent Club and start receiving the members-only perfumes that compliment your vibe of the month.

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Thank you Skylar for sponsoring this post.