I know it’s summer and all-black isn’t what a lot of people think to reach for.. but I always feel the most “me” in an all-black look. I love switching up my look depending on my mood. Sometimes I want to feel extra girly so I throw on some white lace, other days I want to wear a high fashion look I saw on the runway. Some days I’m super laid back and boho, and sometimes my edgier side comes out and I throw on some OTK lace-up boots. I don’t think you should ever have to label yourself as one style.

This tunic/boot combo was literally made for each other. The lace-up details compliment each other so well and almost tone down the intensity of the boots. The tunic has small bell sleeves which I LOVE and it sinches in at the waist to give you a feminine shape. And I’ve said it again and again but if you don’t have OTB go out and get a pair!! They may seem intimidating or too sexy, but trust me they are not! They are incredibly flattering and can make an entire look. These from Lola Shoetique became an instant favorite. I’ve worn them on Instagram/Snapchat and people went crazy for them. Obviously they sold out almost immediately but I found a similar pair here and here.






Photos by Zachariah Epperson