Ahh Summer, finally! I’ve been counting down the seconds, even though it is by far the hardest season on my hair. I am constantly outside in the Summer, meaning the sun causes extra dryness and damage. Pair this with heat-styling, and well, my locks deserved a little TLC. I scheduled an appointment at my Kérastase Salon in San Francisco, Joseph Cozza Salon, for a Fusio-Dose Treatment after my colorist, Jo Ann, raved about it during my last appointment.

When I arrived we chatted about my hair concerns before selecting a personalized treatment that would meet all of my unique hair care needs. What I love most? The treatment itself only takes about 5 minutes, which I can totally appreciate. We decided to combine the Booster Reconstruction (Anti-Damage Complex) with the Concentré Vita-Ciment (In-Depth Reconstruction) to reconstruct current damage, and prevent damage in the future. The treatment uses ingredients that have been isolated in their purest and most concentrated state to plump up the hair fibers and deliver an instant transformation.

I take very good care of my hair. Mostly let it air dry, wash it every few days, and only use heat styling when necessary (okay most days I find it necessary, lol!). However, I instantly felt an insane difference in my hair texture and the SHINE – omg the shine! It was literally glowing after the treatment and is STILL noticeably more bright, bouncy, soft and healthy even though it has been over a week since the treatment. Best part is that the treatment lasts a few weeks. I mean… I might be going monthly just so this never goes away.

Let me know if you guys have any more questions about my experience with the treatment! You can learn more about all of the treatment options and find a salon near you here.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.10.08 PMPhotos by Joe Charles