These KadyLuxe yoga pants are my go-to as of lately. The fabric is made in Italy and is perfect for hot yoga because their slick/matte fabric dries quick like swimwear! I get so many compliments whenever I wear them (they aren’t just for working out – I dress them up with some heels at night too!). They are by far the comfiest pair I own and are so flattering! They are almost sold out so I suggest you snatch them up before they’re gone!!

My friend and former NBA Dancer, Kady Zinke, founded KadyLuxe to upgrade the appearance of dancers and cheerleaders who represent professional sports teams. Since founding the company she has moved into designing for those in the stands as well as those who desire sophistication in their game day apparel & workout attire. Kady also is a co-inventor “in a patent-pending impact hybrid material system being developed for impact applications across the globe”… basically meaning once the material is developed it will make it so your falls/hits will hurt MUCH less. (Read more about the patent here!). I know this girl is a BA!

Oh, and no I don’t typically workout with this elaborate ponytail, ha! But when Bree from Bam Hair gives you a rocking pony earlier in the day you don’t just take it out! (She’s truly the hair god, guys.)

Stephanie Danielle

Yoga Pants: KadyLuxe

Jacket: Nordstrom Z by Zella

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Photos by Brittany Renee Photography