Happy Sunday, beautiful people! It is days like today that make me pinch myself that I get to live in San Francisco. The sun has been shining all weekend long, and has actually been hot enough to head to the beach! Now that I have been here for over a year, I have discovered so many secret local spots that you wouldn’t know how to find unless someone told you how. For example, The Black Sands Beach in the Marin Headlands is an almost untouched beach that few people know how to get to. Lucky for you, I am totally willing to spill the location deets to my readers. It is located right between Kirby Cove Camp and the Bonita Point Lighthouse. There is a tiny parking lot on the lefthand side with a little stairway that will lead you all the way down to the beach. I swear you will be instantly transported to a remote island oasis.  3 out of 4 times we have gone, we have been the only ones on the beach and it is equally as magical on a foggy day as it is on a sunny day. I recently got this dress from Modern Vintage Boutique because I thought it would be the perfect vacation dress! It can be worn as a swimsuit coverup, but can also be dressed up for dinner at the resort. I always look for pieces that can serve multiple purposes when traveling!

Dress: Modern Vintage Boutique | Hat: Lack of Color

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.10.08 PM

Lookbook shot by Meghan Doering.