This is perhaps one of my most requested blog posts – my must-have, ride-or-die, hero products. Each one of the products listed in this master list is a product I couldn’t see myself living without. Some of the items are even included in the Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Event that ends today (ROUGE: 20% off wth code YESROUGE, VIB: 15% off with code YESVIB, Sephora Beauty Insider Members: 10% off with code YES INSIDER). The items aren’t listed in any specific order and are favorites for my specific beauty needs! This is in no way sponsored or in collaboration with any of these brands.

Goldfaden MD Fleuressence Native Botanical Cell Oil

Okay, I said these items aren’t listed in a specific order but this might be my #1 holy grail product. I swear this has forever changed my skin. My skin tends to be a bit more on the dry side, so I use this for moisture morning and night. It is usually the last step in my routine before applying makeup: Cleanse, Tone, Serum, Moisturizer, Oil. It is honestly the only oil that I have used that I genuinely believe makes my makeup look better. It gives the most youthful, dewy glow to my complexion. It’s filled with Omega fatty acids and Vitamins A, C and E, the botanical actives. It is def one of the biggest splurges in my routine – but it is 100% worth it to me.

Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid – Sunday Riley

Another staple product for me. Honestly everything from Sunday Riley I trust and have heard great things about. I have consistently used this lactic acid treatment every single day for over a year. It really tightens everything up, plumps and fills in my small lines – mainly my smile lines. It deeply exfoliates and creates the perfect canvas for makeup. It says to use morning and night – I only use in the morning.

Balancing Force™ Oil Control Toner – OLEHENRIKSEN

This is one of the newer products in this list but it is here to stay. I heard my favorite makeup artist, Desi Perkins, talk about this toner on her IG Stories and Youtube channel countless times before trying it. She raved about it and attributed it to why her skin remains clear. I am almost mad at myself for how long it took me to try it. I didn’t think it would be best for me because it says for “oil control,” but it is definitely a toner for all skin types. I use this religiously morning and night after cleansing and it helps clarify, eliminate acne and freshen the complexion without stripping the skin. I apply it with a cotton ball!

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst and Clearing Serum

Oils. Oils. Oils. I am stick of hearing it too – but they really are miracle workers. I have used the Kypris line consistently for over 2 years and recommend all of there products. They are a little pricey – so I am sharing the 2 that I continue to buy and use in my routine. I use the Moonlight Catalyst every single night (only use this product at night). It is a herbal formula that encourages turnover of the outer layer and keeps pores clear. I use the clearing serum once a week with the Moonlight Catalyst for maintenance, unless I have a blemish. If I have a blemish I will dab a dot of the serum on the blemish until it is gone. It contains Zinc, fruit derived AHA, Green Tea, Lavender, and Chaparral to fight and heal blemishes.

Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser – Glow Recipe

This is my favorite cleanser I have ever used. When it comes to cleansing – gentle is better for my skin. There is a reason why this product gets rave reviews. The ultra-gentle formula is packed with antioxidant-rich blueberries, hyaluronic acid, AHA and nourishing oils to remove makeup with minimal rubbing. It feels really hydrating without the skin feeling stripped. Don’t be alarmed that the packaging now looks different from the above – they recently changed the packaging to have a pump which I actually prefer!

The True Cream Aqua Bomb – belif

I could talk about this moisturizer for 100 years. If they were to ever discontinue this I would probably just crawl into a hole and die. It is more of a gel texture that sinks into the skin and kind of has a cooling effect. I try to let this absorb into my skin for 5 minutes before applying my oil and then makeup. On days that I don’t wear makeup, I lather up with this and let my skin drink all the moisture in. I typically only use this during the day unless I am feeling unusually dry.

Supermud Clearing Treatment – GLAMGLOW

This has been a favorite for years. Patrick literally just peeked over my shoulder and said are you calling it liquid gold haha. He even lets me put it on him sometimes because it actually gets rid of blemishes. You know when your skin just feels super congested and blemishes keep popping up and everything is just out of control. This literally pulls everything out of the skin and and dries up any breakouts and I swear the next day it my skin is clear. I will use it as a full face mask when my skin is acting up or as a spot treatment if I have 1 or 2 blemishes that I want gone asap. It is drying, so thankfully I use this sparingly and only when I need to nip acne or dull looking skin in the bud.

Agent Nateur N°3 Deodorant

I wish I knew more about deodorant. Is that a weird statement? Okay, so I know most deodorants are absolutely terrible for you because the bad ingredients like aluminum that are going directly into your lypmh nodes. There has been a strong movement of people opting for natural deodorants and I have heard so many stories of it being so hard to find a natural deodorant that actually works, smells good, doesn’t give you a weird reaction AND doesn’t have aluminum. The owner of recommended this one to me. It’s aluminum-free which keeps the lymph system from becoming clogged and allows the body to function properly. It is the first one I have ever tried and has been working well for me without irritation and it smells like lavender and eucalyptus. I even got the mens version for Patrick to keep his lymph nodes in check too 🙂

Onto some of my makeup must-haves. This has been in my makeup bag before the beginning of time. I literally don’t wear any lipstick or lipgloss without fully lining and coloring in my lips with this pencil (shade: potpourri). It is very close to my actual lip color, but stays on all day and creates a perfect base for anything on top. My mom and I have both used this trick for years – it is the perfect rosey color – not too red or pink!

Luminous Silk Foundation – Giorgio Armani Beauty

Hello lover. Unless you live under a rock, you know this foundation is the sh**. I first learned about this foundation from Amrezy, who is the queen of the glowy, perfected complexion. It is honestly leaps and bounds beyond any foundation I have ever tried. It is buildable with light to full coverage – and gives the most gorgeous luminous glow. This foundation looks ridiculously amazing in photos too!! I apply it with a damp beauty blender and use the shade 5.75.


This is another somewhat new product to the list but it is also here to stay FOREVER. Think of this tiny concealer as more of a bb cream. I wear this on “no-makeup” days to cover blemishes. I use the color fair and it is legit the same exact shade of my skin.  I know this sounds wrong – but I’ll even wear a thin layer all over the face if I’m not doing a full face of makeup and it gives such a flawless, dewy complexion. When it is on it looks and feels more like a bb cream – but stays put more like a concealer. I always have this with me. Plus it is under $10 so I always buy like 5 at a time to stock up so I am never without it.

Again… another product that has been with me forever. I’ve tried so many high-end eyeliners, yet I continue to use this cheap one for Walgreens because it is that good. You know me, I always love a good winged eyeliner look. The applicator makes the wing effortless and is waterproof so it doesn’t budge.

I loooooove volume. The thicker the hair, the better. I don’t typically dry my hair with a blow dryer unless I have a really important photoshoot or event. I spray this at my roots and it gives serious volume. Pretty self explanatory here – but definitely the best volume spray i’ve used and it smells amazing.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair, Damaged & Over-Processed Hair

This one has been with me since my high school days. This product has a very specific purpose. I grab for this whenever I have tangled hair from a crazy braid or tons of hairspray to get out. I swear this conditioner will take out even the most difficult of tangles. I also love it because I can lather a bunch on my hair for tangles and not feel guilty because it isn’t expensive. It leaves my hair softer than any other conditioner. I also use this when washing my hair extensions!

Love love love this texturing spray. It gives a boost of volume and I especially love it for freshly washed hair so that it holds curls better. It also smells ridiculously good – like perfume good. I get so many comments saying how good I smell when I have this in lol.

Can you tell I love deep conditioners? I use them at least once a week and totally think thats how I keep my hair healthy despite getting it colored and wearing extensions. I use this one once a week but use much more sparingly than the Neutrogena one above because it is a little more pricey. This one really works to repair and is an intense moisturizer for dry hair.

Black Opium – Yves Saint Laurent

Last but certainly not least – my YSL perfume. I’m telling you, this is the best smelling perfume ever created. It’s sexy and fresh and I don’t go a day without it. I haven’t met a single person that doesn’t obsess over this scent. It helps that it comes in such a beautiful bottle, too!  It makes the perfect gift!

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