Today marks Patrick and I’s 8 Year Anniversary. EIGHT YEARS!! I can’t even begin to grasp how long that truly is, but I honestly can’t remember what life was before Patrick walked into my life. Divine timing brought us together at the exact moment we needed each other most, and for the last 8 years I have fallen more and more in love with him every single day. It is true that when you know, you know. I’ve known for a great deal of time that Patrick is my person. It is clear in the way we treat each other, the way we stand beside each other and the way we root each other on in everything we do. Our relationship allows us to be fearlessly ambitious, while keeping things in perspective. As long as we have each other, we can get through and tackle just about anything that comes our way. How incredibly comforting is that? Patrick is my greatest blessing in life and I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend the last 8 years of my life with him and look forward to a million more.

Gown: Rita Vinieris

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Photos by Andrea Lowry Photography