I finally got to wear this form-fitting black dress for date night over the weekend (my mom slumped it off to me after buying it at H&M .. her loss).  I paired it with my new favorite faux fur vest, Rachel Zoe heels, and my MKaltenbach custom blush rock necklace.  It’s the perfect transitioning outfit as it begins to get cooler in Colorado. And you guys, these heels are to die for!  So chic and comfy. I got them at O2 Aspen in Cherry Creek North.

The owner is so sweet and was wearing these heels when I went in.. I had to have them. The vest and clutch both are from Dare Boutique in the Highlands. I think of it as my little shopping secret. They have the cutest clothes and accessories (at a very good price) and it’s just up the street from my apartment – which is so dangerous, but so amazing at the same time. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and have a lovely week!

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Dress: H&M (similar here.)

Vest: Dare Boutique

Heels: Rachel Zoe

Necklace: Mkaltenbach

Clutch: Dare Boutique