AHHH! It’s my last day as a 24-year-old! I’m not going to lie, i’ve had serious mixed feelings about turning 25. But i’ve come to grips because age is just a number, and I plan to stay and feel young for a very long time ; ) Patrick is taking me on a surprise getaway this weekend for my birthday. He makes me feel indescribably lucky every single day, but I love how excited he gets to spoil me extra on special occasions. He LOVES to surprise me. I’m not big on surprises. In fact, I kind of hate them. I am a control freak and like to have everything planned out so that I can be prepared. What clothes should I bring? Fancy or casual? What’s the weather going to be like? I have so many questions with so little answers. Yet, he continues to surprise me with trips and plans that are way better than I could have imagined. I’ve learned to let go and trust that no matter where I end up, I will have an incredible time because I am with him. I mean.. Last year for my birthday he told me all I need to pack is a swimsuit and we ended up in Punta Cana, Mexico. Do I have a winner or what?

I’m not sure how this post ended up entirely about my boyfriend and how lucky I feel to have him, but I love having him by my side during each milestone.

Can’t wait to eat cake &&& drink wine!



Can we take a moment to appreciate the perfection of this romper? The fit, the pattern, the open back.. I die. Pair it with some nude pumps and you’ve got your new favorite outfit, I guarantee you.



UGH. This purse sold out a long time ago, so i’m sorry I keep posting it. But I found ones SUPER SIMILAR here, here and here!


No outfit is complete without a watch and this is still my favorite one of all time. Black & Rose Gold, very minimalist, chic and timeless. I just love it! It has been sold out FOR EV ER – as you guys know. But I’m here to tell you that it is finally back in stock!! You’re welcome : ) & you can get 10% OFF with the code “Stephanie Danielle



Photos by Zachariah Epperson