Good morning, everyone! Yay! It’s finally wine Wednesday. And girl, I need it.

This started out as a trip to the sunflower fields near Sacramento. We were so excited, as we had been seeing so many pictures of them lately, and drove a couple of hours out of the city to see them. To our surprise, we arrived to a field of dead sunflowers. It was kind of funny, kind of sad and we were left sitting there in the middle of nowhere questioning what we should do with an hour left of sun. There was a row of trees across the highway, which was intriguing because you couldn’t see what was behind them. Lo and behold we snuck behind the trees to find the most beautiful sight. There was a large field of tomatoes being farmed, with huge tomatoes in every color. Okay, maybe I’m weird and one of the only¬†people in the universe that would find that site beautiful. And it’s mostly because I’m OBSESSED with tomatoes. Anyways… there was also a cornfield that stretched as far as the eye could see and bushes of beautiful flowers.

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