Time is such a strange thing. As I sit here typing this post, I could swear to you that I just turned 25 yesterday. Instead, an entire year has gone by. So much has happened in the last year. I have seen incredible growth in so many areas of my life. Growth that has been 26 years in the making, and I find myself taken aback my the amount of gratitude for where I sit today. All of the incredible highs and unbearable lows that life may throw your way start to make more and more sense as you get older. They make you appreciate things more. They make you recognize what is worth your precious thoughts and what is not. They make you laugh a little louder, love a little deeper and see the world for all of its possibilities. As another birthday passes, I realize more and more that materials don’t mean anything.  Life is all about the connections you have with those close to you and the moments you get to share with them.

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